The tools of the narrator
(locations and phases of the production cycle)
We manage internally almost all of the processes, from design and prototyping, to glass cutting, to painting.
More specifically:
Glass sheet production
Internally we take care of glass sheet cutting, filleting, washing and drying. The shaping of the glass plane is instead done by hand by an expert glass-worker.
2D and 3D waterjet cutting
We use the waterjet workstation, a machine that guarantees precision to a tenth of a millimeter, to detail any type of material, even pre-varnished. The technology works on 5 axes and allows you to work on both two-dimensional objects and complex three-dimensional objects.
High definition silk-screen printing
A type of silk screen print that we use to create graphics and decorations on glass. The polyester frames transfer the color directly onto the glass, on both sides, to obtain, depending on what’s needed, a finish that is more glossy or matte.
Allows us to obtain very particular effects on glass, from artistic decorations, to glazing, to the simple opacification of a surface. The sand blasting can be directed over the entire or even just part of the sheet, creating interesting contrasts between glossy and matte.
Glass bending
Curves are achieved using high temperatures: the glass is shaped by classic molds and mechanical molds for forming more complex radii.
Powder and liquid coating
Done with both automatic industrial machinery in pressurized cabins and with manual machinery.
Decorations and finishes
We use techniques such as airbrushing, gold and silver leafs, two colors, and material-like finishes that resemble various textures or fabrics.
Creation of exclusive pieces based on the material and effect requested by the customer.
We use liquid for all varnish elaborations.
We use a cutting plotter for creating special graphic effects.
Furthermore, we rely on a network of artisan companies, all Italian, for phases that include bending pipe (with 3D rebar machines); thermoforming; and the production of fabrics and upholstery.


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Waypoint exports 90% of production to Europe, North Africa and the Scandinavian countries.